Are you educated enough to...?

Education is everything that ye forgot in school.
— Albert Einstein

Education shows that you have mastered a subject and established sought-after expertise. Experience demonstrates action, and action shows results that people are constantly looking and asking for. Use your best judgment, but don’t rely solely on one factor, such as your credentials, to get ahead.

Are credentials required for the dream job you are seeking? Or do you simply need validation?

Let the latter sink in.

Remember, at the end of the day, colleges, universities, trade schools, and certificate programs are all businesses. So consider your program fees and tuition as an investment in the business of YOU.

Be sure that you are taking massive action upon completion or graduation of your program to get a good ROI (return on investment) on the business of YOU.

If you decide to use school to get what you want most out of your career, make sure that you are doing it for all the right reasons. If it would help, revisit your “why” and see if it is synonymous with your reason for deciding on school. 

You will be thankful not to be that person with mountains of education debt who realizes that he or she went to school for the wrong reasons—reasons that didn’t answer your “why.”

There is also a variety of FREE (where applicable) or inexpensive online education options that have created alternative pathways for many: (singularity)

Be bold and courageous. Use any of the social media shares and declare what you will do to continuously learn in your field of interest. Find an accountability partner and tell a friend to tell a friend...