Get into "Beast" Mode...

Learn how to take massive action and get into "Beast" mode...

So, what is massive action?

Massive action looks like this:

  • Performing actions that work toward your goal on a consistent basis
  • Scheduling time on your calendar daily, weekly, or monthly for massive action
  • Engaging in some level of sacrifice (of your own choosing) to get to your goal
  • Having an accountability partner
  • Working so hard toward your goal that people think you’re crazy

What's "Beast" mode?

  • Actually doing the work of massive action towards your specific goal

So let's put it all together and use this example: 

Let's say your dream job is to be a social media manager for a prominent consumer products company.

What would massive action and "beast" mode look like on a given day using this example?

Commit to 10 actions daily!

Action 1- get my mind right, pray, meditate to whoever it is and take a moment to give myself positive affirmations to achieve my specific goal

Action 2-write an article about a new trend in social media

Action 3-pitch my article to a Public Relations contact; Respond to HARO (Help a Reporter Out) inquiries

Action 4-post something relevant to my social media subject matter expertise on all of the social media outlets i.e. share my opinion on other social media articles...engage the audience and respond to posted feedback

Action 5- send a follow-up email and set up a coffee appointment with the marketing professional that I met at last week's networking event and tell him/her about my social media portfolio.

Actions 5 through 10- (this action counts 5X's) send my resume and cover letter to 5 social media job postings online!


I know this is a lot to do in a day but begin with the end goal in mind.  Imagine if you commit to a similar plan daily consistent basis, see how much progress you can make. 

Consider some level of sacrifice to get to this goal.

So what's your plan today and every day this week toward your specific goal?

Find an accountability partner and tell a friend, to tell a friend!

Write it out or share for feedback using any of the social media outlets below... #executethedream