The "F" word in your job search

Learn about the "F" word that holds true in everyone's quest to get paid to be who they are.  When experiencing lack or even loss, this word is a hell of a motivator...

That word is Faith.

Pray, meditate, sit still, light a candle, listen to inspirational music. Have faith about getting answers you are seeking. Figure out the purpose you are being called to do in this world. Lean on it. Meditate on it. Sit still and be silent with it until the answer becomes clearer to you.  Call upon a higher being or power—God, Allah, Buddha, the universe—or just call upon yourself. Be in tune with your thoughts, and do so with specific intent.

You can choose to worry over your failure or be steadfast in your faith.

When you worry over failure, you lose your focus. Then, when the focus is on failure, it is not in your belief system to change the situation. When you worry, your focus is solely on the problem. However, you can pray (to whomever you pray to) about the situation that failed, or alternatively you can worry. But you can’t do both! Worry is the opposite of having faith, and it shows a lack of respect for God or the creator you serve. All you need is a measure of faith the size of a mustard seed.

(Matthew 17:20)