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Can you relate?

In my late 20’s it was the best time of my life as a globetrotting young professional, working in NYC.

And it was also the worst time because I also KNEW this wasn’t the job for me and it was robbing physically, mentally and emotionally.  

I knew I needed time to figure things out…

I was ambitious but also uncertain of what I should do! 

You see, sometimes you accept and work in a specific job for all the wrong reasons.


-Because you may have made career choices that “look good” and meets a social standard designed by your peers, family or friends.  You do this to get validation from others that you “made it” but deep down inside there is still a void because you don’t enjoy your job and instead you actually hate it;

-Or because you know the job checks all the boxes i.e. great salary, great benefits, great perks but you know in your gut you are destined to do more to live up to your FULL potential.  You tend to be are aware of this “less than ideal” situation but complacency, busyness or fear prevents you from stepping out to create change;

-Or sometimes you think a higher salary, a new job or new business is the answer, but you still keep falling short because you don’t have clarity and are running the endless pursuit of the rat race.  Chasing the rat has wreaked havoc your professional life and your work/life balance;

-Or you simply don’t know what it is that you want to do with your career and simply need clarity?

Do these problems sound familiar to YOU or someone YOU KNOW?

As a result, I designed a career development workshop that is the answer to these problems. Anything that is ‘GREAT’ in life can only be built on a strong foundation and that foundation starts with YOU! However, you are MORE than just a resume, interview or business plan. While we can provide these services to you (that's the easy part), our goal is to first dig DEEP, into WHO YOU ARE. 

How Do I Get Paid to Be Who I Am? reveals the most common and critical mistakes that individuals make in their career choices and provides a sensible, solution-focused framework to help you get paid for being your most authentic self.

After the event -  trust that your life and career will never be the same. 

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